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Environment, Health & Safety Commitment

Our commitment to Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) excellence begins at the highest levels of the Corporation and is embodied by our corporate strategy to go beyond compliance, and continuously improve. To fulfill, this commitment, K2 Industrial Services believes every employee, at every level of the organization must take personal responsibility for environmental, safety and health issues.

As part of this responsibility, K2 employees may only perform work for which they have the required training, and have assessed the task for hazards, risks, and mitigating controls. Every K2 employee has been trained to be observant in which hazards are anticipated, unsafe conditions are reported, and Stop Work is an authority every employee is given by the CEO.


The greatest evidence of K2 Industrial Services’ consistent improvement and commitment to EHS is our results. Besides EHS performance indicators that are among the best in the industry, we continue to measurably improve the safety, health, and quality of life for our employees. Excellence in EHS isn’t just our competitive edge, it’s our sacred commitment.


K2’s EHS Management System is in effect across all subsidiary companies. Our corporate policy drives a Global EHS Program that is integrated into our standard operating practices. This means coast to coast, K2 Industrial will execute all aspects of its operations with an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the health of our employees and providing a safe work environment.

  • A document management system enables efficient, organization-wide updates as regulations and processes change. K2’s technical infrastructure ensures access from virtually anywhere.
  • On-line reporting systems using proprietary risk-based audits provide predictive metrics and dashboards allowing our leadership teams are able to identify real-time potential risk areas before they cause incidents.


K2 Industrial is committed to technical development for EHS personnel and has personnel on staff qualified as Certified Safety Professionals, Associate Safety Professionals and Certified Industrial Hygienists. Having a deep and robust staff allows K2 to perform virtually all training in-house with industry veterans as instructors.