Turnaround Services

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We Reduce Your Downtime, Giving You More Runtime

With over 60 years of turnaround experience K2 Industrial Services has all the cleaning services you need. We have the experience, highly trained personnel and automate specialized equipment to achieve the maximum level of efficiency – saving time and adding value to your bottom line. Our technical specialists review each task to determine the best tactical solution to minimize downtime and successfully complete the job. We match the right equipment, automated technology systems and highly trained personnel to your exact specifications and needs. We have numerous case histories of applying new innovations to find better ways to do the work. We also know how to get tasks completed expeditiously when jobs are straight-forward and do not require a customized solution.


  • Bundle Pad Operations
  • Heat Echanger onsite re-tubing and repair
  • In Unit tower and vessel cleaning services
  • High Pressure Water Jetting with various GPM & psi capabilities
  • Vacuum Services
  • Pipe Inspection
  • Boiler Cleaning
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Sewer Line Cleaning & Digital Media Inspection
  • Waste Disposal


K2 Industrial Services field teams are trained in the classroom and hands-on before they are certified to perform the work. We are a safety performance and culture company having zero-tolerance to unsafe practices. Following OSHA standards of training we look to provide you with a team that is not only safety minded but that is also professional, efficient and a project that is value driven solution.