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Online & Offline Services

K2 Industrial Services offers power plant services and equipment for both online and offline operation. When systems must be taken offline, we have the equipment, process and training to shorten down times.


Used to prevent boilers from being brought offline for removing pluggage or pre-outage boiler cleaning to shorten outage cleaning windows.

Areas Hydro-blasted online

  • Pendants
  • Cyclones
  • Back Pass
  • Slag Taps
  • Economizers
  • Slag Tanks
  • Bull Nose
  • Boiler Hoppers
  • Boiler Walls


Vacuum trucks with specialized equipment can be used for removal of hot ash from silos and hoppers.

Areas Vacuumed Online

  • Precip Hoppers
  • Cinder bins
  • Economizer Hoppers
  • Slag Tanks
  • Ash Silo
  • Dust Collectors
  • Ash Transfer Lines


Equipment that has been developed to remove entry to the boiler during the cleaning process using high volume hydro blast units with specialty tools using movement and dwell timers on specialty wench systems for tool movement across the boiler or area to be cleaned. K2 continues to develop and design equipment for boiler cleaning on request of our customer to prevent and shorten down times.

Automated Areas

  • Pendants, back pass, firebox, economizer
  • Nozzles Cyclones
  • Cyclones
  • Dry Bunker Cleaning
  • Boiler Floor/Wall Cleaner
  • Back pass/Pendant
  • Air Heater
  • Grizzly Bar Intake Cleaner
  • Condenser and Water Box ID Cleaning
  • Automated line cleaning
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Low Pressure ID Cleaning
  • Remote Shot Gunning (Hands Free)
  • Specialized Automated Cleaning Equipment
  • Online Cleaning
  • Specialized Automated FGD Equipment


  • Time lines
  • Pre staged water blast hose
  • Cost tracking
  • Communication (% complete forms) (satisfaction forms)
  • Installation of cleaning ports
  • JHRA/Training
  • Dust reduction maintenance plans (explosive proof vacs and encapsulating foaming units)
  • Onsite Safety Plans
  • Outage season planning
  • Job estimates
  • Contractor outage meetings with customer
  • Safety coverage (Rescue Teams)
  • Communication (percentage completion reports) (satisfaction forms with monthly review)
  • Daily job audits
  • Pre staged EQ
  • Contractor close out meetings
  • Site Safety Plans


  • Explosion Proof Portable Vacuum Units
  • Dust Suppression Foaming Agent
  • Combustible Dust Maintenance Plan


  • Catalyst Reactor Cleaning – Vacuuming
  • Catalyst Flow recovery – Developed specialty cleaning tools to recover air flow and lower DP, honeycomb and plate catalyst
  • SBS Duct Cleaning – Vacuuming/ Mechanical Cleaning
  • Urea Storage Tank Cleaning – Vacuuming completed under supplied air


  • Dry Digging/Air Knifing
  • Wet Digging Hydro Excavation Units
  • 12Cu.Yd Debris Tanks/1500 Gallon Fresh Water/5800CFM./ 3500 PSI

Also capable of working in all climates, including snow and ice, each truck has an on board Hotsy for warming the water to get through the frost/ice in emergency situations.