Our Safety Commitment

There is no priority higher than the protection of our employees and the environments in which they work.

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We Are Committed to Safeguarding Your Workplace

At K2 Industrial Services our highest priority is to foster a culture that instills a sense of pride and duty to protect the health and welfare of every employee, and everyone we associate with, during the course of our business activities.  Management at all levels must demonstrate leadership in teaching employees the attitude, technical knowledge and behavioral expectations required to keep them safe during performance of the work.  Every employee is trained to be observant and opportunistic – to identify, evaluate and take action to prevent unsafe acts or conditions.

K2 Industrial has established programs to comply with applicable laws and regulations, control the release of hazardous material, properly handle waste material and stop the installation of any material or the execution of any work where the health, safety or environmental exposure is unacceptable.


  • Tank Isolation – Blinding / Lock-out / Tag-out
  • Gas-Freeing
  • Sludge Removal
  • Washouts – High Pressure and Ultra Cleaning
  • Sludge Processing
  • Chemical Cleaning and Decontamination