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Safe Installation & Removal

K2 Industrial is keenly aware of the important role that temporary access services play in getting a facility back on line. Whether it is maintenance, capital projects or turnarounds, our high-performance scaffold division is an industry leader in safety, efficiency and technology applications. For many critical path applications our extremely versatile scaffolding system consists of strong, durable and lightweight components which require no special tools for erection or dismantling. Its flexible design allows use on straight, curved or circular configurations for both access and support. Building with our system requires fewer parts and less labor which translates to an improvement in efficiency over more traditional scaffold systems. Less inventory and less personnel provide a competitive advantage and reduce customer cost, especially during fast-track turnarounds and outages.

K2 has a proven track record of delivering safe, efficient scaffold services on-time and within budget constraints. Our formally trained, experienced scaffold builders coupled with our staff of critical path specialists bring considerable knowledge and flexibility to accommodate challenging fluctuations in scope and schedule. Our innovative material tracking system provides real-time inventory, erection and dismantling controls with an ability to adjust billing cycles to meet customer requirements.

K2 has the ability to mobilize large crews and material, and get your facilities back in operation faster. With over 40 years of scaffolding experience, we can handle the most challenging temporary access needs, regardless of their location or complexity. Allow us the opportunity to implement our creative solutions to your unique situations, when you require superior performance for your most demanding jobs.