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Safe & Enclosed Work Platforms for Overhead Maintenance

The primary function of the ENVIRO-SEAL temporary work platform and containment system is to give K2 Industrial Services’ maintenance crews a safe and isolated work platform from which to perform maintenance and repair work in overhead ceiling structures.

Our interlocking aluminum panels are secured to the roof support steel by hi-strength chains allowing our maintenance crews to work high above the operating equipment in a totally enclosed environment without interruption to the production process.

Rigid frame enclosures are custom designed and installed to make the transition between panels of different elevations; thereby, assuring positive-sealing of the entire enclosure system during maintenance operations. All openings are sealed with a closed-cell polyurethane foam to ensure a tight dust enclosure.

Working above the temporary platform, K2 Industrial crews are able to perform maintenance work including structural steel repairs or replacement, removal and replacement of roof systems and decking, in addition to performing the surface preparation and application of protective coatings to the structural steel support system.

The ENVIRO-SEAL temporary work platform and containment system is a proven cost effective, SAFE method to accomplish maintenance work on-the-run without interruption to normal facility operations.

Additionally, K2 offers a wide range of specialized platform rigging and enclosure system solutions for your difficult projects with our personnel providing the subject matter expertise to safely and productively get the job done.