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Increase Barrier Effectiveness & Decrease Cost


K2 Industrial Services has developed a web-based interactive barrier management program that provides an integrated maintenance approach to Coatings, Insulation and Roofing. Barrier Maintenance Solutions (BMS®) removes much of the risk associated with barrier system protection and delivers consistent quality and reduced life cycle cost. Well managed companies recognize that from an asset optimization standpoint, maintaining barrier protection systems is business critical.


The coatings asset optimization component of BMS® was founded on the engineering principle that paint failure is not a linear relationship and that in fact, the first two-thirds of a coating’s life cycle is without failure followed by an exponential failure relationship in the final third. The key to coatings asset optimization is over-coating the asset in the early phase of the exponential failure relationship and prior to the accelerated phase. Scheduling coatings within this “window of opportunity” or what BMS® refers to as the “optimum range” can reduce painting cost dramatically. The cost-to-time relationship of coating in this early phase is very favorable as the extent of surface preparation is minimal and the degree of surface preparation is relatively inexpensive (usually Tool Cleaning). However, over-coating in the accelerated phase is the most expensive, from a cost-to-time relationship standpoint, because within a short time period the extent of surface preparation increases dramatically and the degree of surface preparation required to effectively clean the surface area becomes more expensive (usually Abrasive Blast).


Many companies fail to realize is that a properly selected, specified, installed and maintained thermal barrier is an excellent investment with high returns. When compared to other conservation measures, the payback is usually very quick, often less than six months, and the savings are tremendous. Insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to help meet operating cost reduction and energy conservation goals. Those who regularly work with thermal insulation know that given the high cost of energy today and the high cost of dealing with corrosion under insulation (CUI), properly installing and maintaining insulation is of utmost importance.

Implementing K2 Industrial´s Insulation/Fireproofing Management program can help you maintain your thermal envelop in the most asset-effective manner. The program removes much of the risk associated with insulation work and delivers a consistent program of quality and reduced life cycle cost. Our thermal insulation specialists will inventory your existing insulated and/or fireproofed assets, identify damaged insulation/fireproofing and associated CUI, and develop an action plan that prioritizes repairs. Our auditors also have the ability to identify personal protection, winterization and condensation control requirements to help insure continued safe operation of your facility.


How well a roof performs over time depends not only on the quality of installation but also on how well a roof is maintained. K2 Industrial not only installs and repairs roofing systems but also offers a Roofing Management program designed to extend the life of your facility and prevent future problems. All roof systems are susceptible to many forms of chemical and physical stress that represent the “normal” long-term aging process. Small isolated problems created by abuse, stress concentration, initial workmanship or other causes result in shorter service life. An effective management program not only adds years of service life to the roof, but detects and corrects minor problems before damage is widespread, avoiding costly interruptions of daily operations. It also allows owners a planned, organized approach to roof management, consistent with multi-year capital budgeting.

To summarize, the BMS® program was developed to provide five primary objectives.

  • Using coatings manufacturer´s specifications, assure the owner that the appropriate barrier protection is being applied on the right things at the right time
  • Convince owners that insulation is a relatively inexpensive but proven technology solution that can save energy, reduce fuel cost and can positively affect a facility´s impact on the environment
  • Lock in fixed, predictable roofing costs to improve budget management and allow owners to receive the full value of their roofing asset
  • Perform the optimum corrective action in the most efficient manner
  • Implement a maintenance plan strategy that will relieve the owner of the managerial burden of running a Barrier Protection Program

With these objectives in mind, we believe this approach assures owners receive full value of every dollar invested in the program.
BMS Prioritization Flow

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