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Roofing Services Guide

Roofs take more abuse than any other part of a building. Unfortunately, because roofing systems are not in constant view, it is easy to neglect them. While roofs typically represent only five to ten percent of a building’s capital cost, roofs protect 100 percent of the building and it’s contents. The replaced value of the typical building roof is between five and twenty-five dollars per square foot. When considering the replacement value plus the value of the other building components and contents the roof protects, it is simply too large of an investment to ignore.

With regular care and maintenance your roof will perform incident-free for the duration of its design life. It has been firmly established that maintenance management practices such as carrying out regular condition assessment, general maintenance, localized repair and systematic renewal, or some combinations of these practices, is the best option for minimizing life cycle cost, maximizing performance and minimizing risk. The K2 Industrial Services Companies, complimented by our Roof Asset Management Program, is able to provide all of the services our customers need to maximize the return they have made in their roofing investment.


The most critical step in the care and maintenance of a roof is understanding its current condition and the most thorough way to assess a roof is through a comprehensive roof inspection. Proactive, routine roof inspection is the key to identifying defects and small problems before they escalate into costly repairs. Results from initial inspections can also help design a maintenance strategy that will significantly extend the life of the roof.


During emergency calls or as part of our regular maintenance program, K2 believes in providing roof system services unequaled by our competitor. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our work teams are dispatched by radio and are geared to quickly find and repair leaks using the most modern methods and equipment. Our service technicians are trained, certified and licensed in the repair of all major roofing systems and have generations of experience in tracing and trouble-shooting problems, and proposing the best value solutions. With service teams available area wide, we can respond to repair emergencies with speed and efficiency.


How well a roof performs over time depends not only on the quality of installation but also on how well a roof is maintained. All roof systems are susceptible to many forms of chemical and physical stress that represent the “normal” long-term aging process. Small isolated problems created by abuse, stress concentration, initial workmanship or other causes result in shorter service life. Left undetected or ignored, these small problems escalate over time until the damage is more extensive and expensive to resolve.

Regular maintenance is a critical part of the roofing life cycle that can greatly impact long-term performance. Additionally, most roofing materials manufacturers require regular maintenance to validate their warranty. An effective preventative maintenance program not only adds years of service life to the roof, but detects and corrects minor problems before damage becomes widespread, avoiding costly interruptions of daily operations. It also allows owners to maximize the return on their maintenance expenditure and execute a planned, organized approach to roof management, consistent with multi-year capital budgeting.


Through proactive inspections and a general maintenance program, K2 can identify and predict when a roof is approaching the end of its life cycle. This allows building owners to minimize risk to operations and, plan and budget capital expenditures well in advance of roof failure. Roof restoration can add as much as 50% (10 years) to the useful life of a roof, and it usually cost less than replacement. The window for performing restoration work normally exists three to four years prior to the end of a roof’s average 10-15 year lifecycle, and before significant damage occurs.


K2 Industrial’s preferred remedy for most roofing problems is to extend the life of an existing roof by maintaining it in a serviceable condition. However, even a well maintained roof system will ultimately need to be replaced. Severe weather and natural disasters can also abruptly impact the expected service life. Knowing your business operations can’t shut down every time critical work is necessary, we do our work quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption to operations and employees.


Natural weather events such as severe storms, hail, tornados and hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to a roofing system. When storm seasons approach, our service groups monitor weather forecasts and predicted conditions, and prepare the necessary people, materials and supplies to quickly respond, thereby mitigating damage to contents of your facilities.

Our rapid response teams are experienced to effectively secure your roof until conditions improve enough for it to be properly repaired or replaced. We can also supply services such as roof top debris and excess water removal, to help eliminate problems before they cause significant damage. As an added benefit, after the work has been completed, we also offer to help our customers prepare insurance claim forms.


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